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WIRS have a range of special offers avaliable that are constantly updated through out the year.

Please don't hesitate contacting us to find out if we have a promotion that is available in your local branch. Please take a look at our current special offer range below. Not all of the below offers will me available in the Wolverhampton, Stoke and shrewsbury branches.

Special Offers


  • Faster Cut - Lets you produce more parts per hour
  • Longer Life - For a lower cost per grind
  • 3M Precision Grained technology
  • Quality Fibre Disc
  • Less Grinding Pressure
  • Oxy/Fuel Gas Safety Inspection
    Oxy/Fuel Gas Safety Inspection

    • It is a strong recommendation to have an annual gas safety inspection.
    • City & Guilds qualified engineers to carry out the required tests.
    • Our engineers work to strictly controlled procedures, validation to BS 50504:20008 standard and service and inspection to BS EN 60974-4:2007. We work to the IS0 9001:2008 Quality Management System assessed and registered by ACS Registrars.
    • For a fast, efficient service contact us today on 01902 712525.
    NEW Miller Digital Infinity Helmet
    NEW Miller Digital Infinity Helmet

  • 13.4 SQ IN Viewing Area - Largest view in the industry
  • Four Arc Sensors - Provides superior lens response for obstructed or low amp welding
  • X-Mode - Electromagnetically senses the weld to eliminate sunlight interference and detect arc even if sensors are blocked
  • Info Track - Arc tracking technology features arc time, timer functions and multi-language help menu
  • 3 YEARS Warranty
  • Ambersil Range
    Ambersil Range

  • A true multi - purpose ‘cure all’ for engineers
  • Excellent water displacement performance
  • High di-electric strength, non conductive film
  • Safe on most paints, plastics, rubbers and all metals
  • Operational temperature range: -20 °C to + 115 °C
  • *Subject to availability
    New Binzel MB EVO PRO
    New Binzel MB EVO PRO

  • New Binzel MB EVO PRO Torch Range
  • 34% Lighter
  • Greater Strength and Durability
  • Optimum Trigger Position
  • Cooler Grip
  • Unique Ergonomics
  • Hyundai SM70 Solid Mig Wire
    Hyundai SM70 Solid Mig Wire

  • Hyundai SM70 Solid Mig Wire
  • Available in 0.8mm,1.0mm & 1.2mm
  • Preadtor 6 Tig Gauntlet Signature
    Preadtor 6 Tig Gauntlet Signature

  • Type B Gauntlet
  • Thumb Crutch Protection
  • Goat Skin
  • Kevlar Stitched
  • Excellent Dexterity
  • Split Leather Cuff
  • Snug Fit
  • Kemper Profimaster Mobile Extraction UNIT
    Kemper Profimaster Mobile Extraction UNIT

  • High capacity filter
  • Robust quality
  • Increased safety due to filter monitoring
  • Can be used frequently
  • Rotating exhaust hood
  • Suitable for high-alloy steel
  • Low to medium levels of smoke and dust
  • Safe operation by rotation field control
  • Exhaust arm up to 4M
  • 110V - 230V 3 PHASE
  • *Subject to availability
    Gasiq Optimator
    Gasiq Optimator

    *This optimator on study can reduce your gas spend in excess of 50%

    Coded Welder Training
    Coded Welder Training

  • WIRS now offer coded welder training
  • All weld testing is fully UKAS approved and certificated on insurance certificates of which our provider is registered approved for witnessing welding & permanent joining.
  • All levels of courses catered for from welder appreciation / elementary through to advanced levels and codings. Welding process theory is included where required also health and safety issues and associated hazards.
  • MILLER Air Cooled Package Special Offer £3,185 +Vat
    MILLER Air Cooled Package Special Offer £3,185 +Vat

  • 3 Year warranty
  • Energy efficient
  • Up to 65% heat reduction in tungsten electrode
  • Extremely quite machine
  • Auto-Line technology allows the machine to be connected to any mains voltage between
  • 230 - 415 Volts
  • *Subject to availability
    Cylinder Lifter
    Cylinder Lifter

  • The Cylinder Lifter is a lifting and moving apparatus designed to lift large gas cylinders
  • Quick, Easy and safe to use
  • Significantly reduces the risk of INJURY in the workplace
  • Inexpensive and reduces time lost through injury
  • BINZEL E3 Purple Tungsten
    BINZEL E3 Purple Tungsten

    *Subject to availability

    • Suitable for Mild/Stainless Steel and Aluminium
    • Longer Lasting
    • Non-Radioactive
    • Cooler Running than Thoriated
    • Suitable for most DC applications
    • Superior repeatable ignition characteristics
    3M Cubitron II Cut-Off Wheel / Sitting Disc
    3M Cubitron II Cut-Off Wheel / Sitting Disc

    *Subject to availability

    • Premium Performance
    • 3M Precision-shaped grain for ultra fast cool cutting action and long life
    • Specially formulated for use on stainless and mild steel
    • Cool cutting for a higher quality and faster cut
    • "Has been known to last 13x longer than competitors products"
    Inverter Fusion - Fusion Clean
    Inverter Fusion - Fusion Clean

    *The fast , efficient & environmentally friendly way to remove discoloration

    • Portable electrolytic system for the fast, safe and environmentally friendly cleaning of weld discoloration on stainless steel and other metals
    • Available in both 230v and 110v versions
    • Polish mode for producing a polished surface finish including the weld joint (please note this is not a mirror finish)
    • *Subject to availability
    Cylinder Cage
    Cylinder Cage

    Special offers on cylinder cage's

    WIRS Gas Safety
    WIRS Gas Safety


    • Is your gas equipment SAFE?
    • It is a strong recommendation to have an annual gas inspection check
    • WIRS have the City and Guilds QUALIFIED ENGINEERS to carry out the required tests
    Bohler E6013 Electrode
    Bohler E6013 Electrode

    • Quality General Purpose E6013 with excellent Gap Bridging Capabilities
    • Good Ignition & Re-Ignition Qualities offering excellent Arc Stability
    • Excellent Weldability in all Positions including Vertical Down
    • Rutile - cellulosic all Purpose Quality E6013 Electrode
    • Reliable Fusion Penetration