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Telford Welding Supplies & Servicing Specialists

WIRS have vast experience helping customers in the Telford and Wrekin area as it is perfectly situated between all three of our West Midlands branches! Our team of Telford based welding specialists provide the Wrekin area with the highest level of care and service.

Whichever way you look from Telford there is a WIRS branch no further than 20 minutes away. Our team at Salop Industrial Welding Supplies in Shrewsbury are more than happy to help with any enquires from Telford and so to is our staff based at WIRS Stoke and Wolverhampton.

We know that finding a trusted welder in more rural areas can be a challenge, which is why we started our Mid-Wales service. The success this has seen has seen our demand grow into other rural areas such as Telford for Welding jobs and training. For those living in the Wrekin area of the West Midlands give WIRS a call if you require any work completed by our team of Telford based welding specialists.