Abicor Binzel

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Abicor Binzel is a manufacturer of inert-gas shielded welding and cutting torches for MIG/MAG, TIG and plasma applications. Binzel’s product range includes robotic systems, welding torches, robot periphery, sensors and optics. 1963 saw the development of the first MIG/MAG inert-gas shielded Binzel welding torch.

WIRS are featured distributors of a whole host of Binzel welding products including their helmets, welding torches and E3 purple tungsten. Binzel welding torches come with optimum cooling technology and are considered to have one of the most ergonomically friendly handles on the market to date.

With more than 30 subsidiaries and over 850 employees worldwide the Binzel Welding group is represented in more than 50 countries. Binzel Welding production plants are located in their headquarters in Buseck and Dresden Germany, as well as in the United States, Brazil, Switzerland, India and China.

Abicor Binzel welding solutions are well established in the welding community and the markets served include commercial vehicle, rail vehicle, container and machine and steel construction, earth-moving equipment, shipbuilding and aerospace.