Hyundai Welding Supplies

Hyundai Welding is part of the South Korean conglomerate Hyundai group founded by Chung Ju-Yung in 1947. For over four decades, Hyundai Welding has been aiding some of the world’s most flourishing industries through partnerships in the Automotive, Shipbuilding, Offshore, EPC, Power Generation, and Construction sectors.

Hyundai Welding has helped a wide range of manufacturers increase their productivity and to lower costs by developing optimal welding solutions and supplies. Since 2007, Hyundai Welding Europe has been providing welding solutions to the majority of the European market from their base located in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

WIRS are proud distributors of a whole host of Hyundai Welding Supplies, which are all available through any of our three West Midlands branches. We’re also exclusive UK distributors of their Solid MIG wire! For any more information in Hyundai Welding supplies please give WIRS a call today.