Kemper Dust & Smoke Extraction Systems

Kemper extraction systems are a pioneer in smoke and fume extraction technology founded in Vreden, Germany in 1977. For well over 35 years Kemper extraction systems have boasted vast experience in the construction of smoke and fume extractors from a profound knowledge of the metalworking processes.

Today Kemper extraction systems are a flourishing family business. From its establishment, founder Gerd Kemper developed the Kemper extraction systems group to become an active and thriving family run business. His son Björn Kemper and his son-in-law Michael Schiller continue to manage the company to this effect in its second generation.

WIRS are proud distributors of Kemper extraction systems including the Kemper Fume Extraction Unit, or Profimaster. This is the most effective choice for welders whose setting is repeatedly altered. For more information on Kemper Extraction Systems please make an email enquiry or call any of our three West Midlands based branches.