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4570 Siabite X

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Sia Abrasives Industries is based in Frauenfeld Switzerland and ranks among the world’s top three suppliers of abrasive and grinding systems. Sia was founded in 1867 – as a chemical factory and have been manufacturing coated abrasives at the present location in Switzerland since 1875.

They develop, manufacture and market complete abrasive systems, tailored to specific requirements for the treatment of a wide variety of surfaces. Today around 1,000 people are employed by Sia Abrasives in all aspects of their process, be it in research and development, manufacturing and production, in application engineering, consulting or sales.

Sia Abrasives continue to grow in global markets, which is shown by the fact that well over 90 percent of their products are exported to over 80 different countries. In 2008 the Robert Bosch GmbH group purchased Sia Abrasives and subsequently the next year desisted them from the Swiss Stock exchange.

WIRS are proud to distribute a growing range of Sia products including their Sanding Discs. Contact us today at anyone of our three west midlands based branches to find out more.