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Albee Gas Cylinders

WIRS and SIWS are proud to announce that we are now featured distributors of Albee gas cylinders! Albee rental free cylinders make the perfect choice for any welder looking to save money in the long run. Instead of paying for your gas and rental on the cylinder, buy an Albee and refill at Salop Industrial! Only pay the price of the gas from now on!

Here at WIRS we offer a wide range of products in this category such as Albee Gas Cylinders etc, everything for your welding needs. Below is some of our best sellers for our Albee Gas Cylinders category, many others available so please contact us with your query.

Albee Gas Cylinders

The rental free cylinder from Albee has revolutionised the way welders purchase gas for welding. No one likes a rental cylinder. Having to use something that is most likely damaged already and you have to pay too! Say no more with rental free cylinders from Albee. There are so many benefits to using an Albee cylinder regardless of how often you weld.

Not only do you save money on the rental cylinder but also the regulator too. They save time with their quick connectors and simple flow adjustor too. Albee cylinders also have the benefit of being fully portable with an ergonomic carry cap. They are also far lighter and more compact compared to the traditional rental cylinder.

After purchasing a refill cylinder from us you’ll also benefit from the exchange by Air Liquide. The cylinder exchange programme not only means you can refill an empty cylinder. When the cylinder itself because damaged you can get the worn parts replaced which means you are still only paying for the gas you use. Simply purchase an Albee small cylinder once and you’ll never have to pay for the cylinder again, including purchase or rental fee.

Albee Weld is an argon gas that can be used for a wide variety of welding. Choose Albee argon cylinders for the perfect rental free gas cylinders solution. Albee gas cylinders are not only good looking but they make it far easier to weld too!

For more information on Albee gas cylinders please contact Salop Industrial Welding Supplies. This can be done via our Shrewsbury page or by calling 01743 468902.