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Our MIG Welders for sale are from major manufacturers. This means that you can always expect top build quality. For heavy duty operations, industrial MIG machine power sources are ideal. Designed to function in harsher environments and difficult welder conditions such as shipyards. MIG machines work by using a constant feed of welding wire. This is partnered with welder gas such as Argon to protect the weld pool. For more information on the MIG welder gas accessories we offer please visit the gas equipment page.

We have a wide variety of MIG welders for sale. These range from an XPS 350 to a Miller XMT 350 MPA. Our diverse product range covers all possible needs for any welder. Whether you require a no gas welder, or you need the perfect gas weld, we can help. MIG machines allow you to weld steel, brass, nickel, and many other alloys. We have MIG welders for sale with different power supply options. This means there is always something to suit your requirements. The machines we sell very in size, so there is something for all. From a small portable machine, to larger machines, we can provide the tool for the job.

We’re committed to making sure you only receive a professional quality product. This means that you can be sure that you’re getting the best from WIRS. Below you can find just some of our best sellers. We have many more MIG welders for sale, so please contact us with any queries.

Here at WIRS we offer a wide range of products in this category such as XPS 350 and Miller XMT 350 MPA etc, everything for your welding needs. Below is some of our best sellers for our MIG Welders for Sale category, many others available so please contact us with your query.

XPS 350

Traditional tapped transformer power source. Simple and precise, enabling the operator to obtain the desired arc voltage with ease. The 350 amp model has 30 steps.

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Miller XMT 350 MPA

XMT350 MPa XMT® 450 MPa Multiprocess welders expand the process capability of the XMT Series, with built-in Pulsed MIG operation. MPa stands for MIG, Pulse, advanced arc control. Choose from machine only, portable voltage sensing package, portable remote control packages or portable aluminium package.

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