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ITW Welding Products offers a full line of industrial quality welders from Miller. Miller is the world's largest manufacturer of arc welding and cutting equipment and it delivers ruggedly reliable equipment of the highest quality and keeps the customer top priority. We can offer many products from these brands such as their Elga Electrodes and Miller Machines.

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3M offers you the widest range of powered-air and supplied-air respirators for the widest range of industrial applications. Pioneers in the maintenance free particulate respirator market and for over 25 years have developed, made and supplied this form of respiratory protection. At WIRS we can offer many of the 3M range, from the SPEEDGLAS helmets to products from their PPE Section.

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Sia Abrasives is one of the world's leading suppliers of abrasives. They have 135 years of expertise, unsurpassed innovativeness and one of the most comprehensive ranges of prod-ucts with solutions for all materials, a wide variety of applications and abrasives in all shapes and forms.

They are your abrasives specialists. Whatever your sanding needs, they have the right solu-tion ready for you. Finished by Sia Abrasives with the aim: Our solutions for perfect surfaces. We at WIRS Offer many of the SIA Abrasives range of discs.

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WIRS are proud distributors of Nederman Fume Extraction Systems which protect welders from dangerous fumes and gases whilst welding. Lengthy exposure to welding smoke can produce a serious amount of health problems so make sure you safeguard your staff with Nederman and WIRS today.

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ABICOR BINZEL supplies for all working materials and applications the exact welding or cutting torch necessary. For the manual use or for the semi-or full automatic operation. Gas or liquid cooled. Wide range welding accessories as well as robotic peripheral systems. Decisive for long lasting safety is the welding seam. Here at WIRS we offer many of their products such as their tungsten range and MB Torches.

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Kemppi are a world-leading manufacturer of arc equipment and a provider of solutions for highly productive welding. In over 60 years of operation, Kemppi have introduced many new innovations to the market, pioneering the development of both welding technology and productive welding solutions. Please see the Kemppi catalogue for the full range that can be supplied.

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With over 2.000 products, Böhler Welding offers a worldwide unique portfolio for joint welding, which covers all conventional arc welding processes. At WIRS we can offer many Bohler products such as their 6013 Electrodes. Bohler Welding is the leading welding consumable brand within the Böhler Welding group, offering a complete range of solutions and products for all welding applications, with a particular focus on the medium- to high metal grades.


ESAB is a world leader in the production of welding and cutting equipment and consumables. There innovative, world-renowned equipment and solutions are developed with input from customers and built with the expertise and heritage of a global manufacturing leader. Here at WIRS we offer an extensive range of ESAB products, such as the Warrior Tech SH9-13 Helmet and the Complete Air Fed System.

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Hyundai is one of the world’s largest Ship-builders, this has allowed the company to carry out its own extensive field trials and perfect each product accordingly. Hyundai now have the world’s largest capacity for the manufacture of Flux-cored welding wires. Here at WIRS stock such as products as SM70 Mig Wire from Hyundai.

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KEMPER is a pioneer and a leader in technology in the field of welding smoke extraction. That means over 35 years of experience in plant construction for these products, a deep knowledge of the processes in metalworking plants and a high degree of reliability and continuity. Please see the Kemper catalogue for the full range that can be supplied.

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